LCG Info: Package xz

Description: general-purpose data compression software with a high compression ratio
Category: Tool
Language: Python
License: Public and partially GNU LGPLv2.1, GNU GPLv2, or GNU GPLv3

Releases: dev3, dev4, devBE, 99, dev4python3, dev3python3, 98python3, 98, 96b, 88b, 97, 97python3, 96python3, 96bpython3, 96, 96python3rc1, 96rc1, 95apython3, 95a, 95, 88, 95rc1, 94a, 94python3, 94, 94rc1, 93c, 93a, 91a, 88a, 93python3, 93, 92, 92python3, 91python3, 89python3, 91, 90a, 90, 89, 87, 86