LCG Info: Package functools32

Description: Backport of the functools module from Python 3.2.3 for use with Python 2.7 and PyPy. Includes `lru_cache` (Least-recently-used cache decorator)
Category: Other
Language: Python
License: License object (42)

Releases: dev4python2, dev3python2, 97a_LHCB_6, 97a_LHCB_5, 99python2, 97a_FCC_4, 97a_LHCB_4, 97a_ATLAS_3, 97a_FCC_3, 97a_FCC_3_rc1, 97a_LHCB_3, 97a_ATLAS_2, 98, 97a_FCC_2, 96b, 97a_FCC_1, 97a_LHCB_2, 97a_ATLAS_1, 97a_LHCB_1, 97a, 97_FCC_2, 97, 97_LHCB_1, 97_FCC_1, 97_ATLAS_1, 97rc2, 96c_LS_FCC_1, 96c_LS, 96, 96_NA62_b, 96_NA62_a, 96rc1, 95a, 95, 95rc1, 94a, 94, 94rc1