LCG Info: Package control

Description: The Python Control Systems Library is a Python module that implements basic operations for analysis and design of feedback control systems.
Category: Other
Language: Python
License: BSD

Releases: dev3cuda, dev3, dev4cuda, dev4, 99cuda, 99, 98python3_ATLAS_4, 97apython3_LHCB_4, 97apython3spark3, dev4python3, dev3python3, 98python3_ATLAS_2, 98python3spark3, 98python3_ATLAS_1, 97apython3_ATLAS_3, 97apython3_LHCB_3, 97apython3_ATLAS_2, 98py3cu10, 98python3, 97apython3_ATLAS_1, 97apython3_LHCB_2, 97apython3, 97python3, 97py3cu10, 96python3, 96bpython3, 96python3rc1, 95apython3, 95rc1python3, 93python3, 92python3