LCG Info: Package

Description: APFEL is a library able to perform DGLAP evolution up to NNLO in QCD and to NLO in QED, both with pole and MSbar masses
Category: Generator
Language: Fortran
License: License object (16)

Releases: devswan, dev3cuda, dev3, dev4cuda, devARM, dev4python2, dev4, 101_ATLAS_7, 100_LHCB_7, 101_LHCB_7, 100_LHCB_6, 100_LHCB_5, 101_ATLAS_6, 101_ATLAS_5, 101_ATLAS_4, 101_ATLAS_3, 101_ATLAS_2, 101_ATLAS_1, 101swan, 101cuda, 101, dev3python2, 100_ATLAS_6, 100_ATLAS_7, dev3python39, 100_ATLAS_5, dev4python39, 100_ATLAS_4, 100_ATLAS_2, 100_ATLAS_3, 100_ATLAS_1, 100cuda, 100, 98python3_ATLAS_11, 100rc2, 100rc1, 98python3_ATLAS_10, 98python3_ATLAS_9, 98python3_ATLAS_8, 98python3_ATLAS_7