LCG Info: LCG_97apython3_LHCB_2 vs. LCG_97apython3_LHCB_4 on x86_64-centos7-clang10-dbg

Attention! The selected platform has been changed.

Since the specified platform x86_64-centos7-gcc8-opt (might be the default platform) doesn't exist for both releases, another platform has been selected: x86_64-centos7-clang10-dbg

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Platform Release Release


DD4hep v01-12-01_53_g84fb4870 v01.12.01_53_g84fb4870


crmc 1.5.6 1.6.0.lhcb
herwig++ 2.7.1   REMOVED
herwig3 7.2.1   New
madgraph5amc 2.7.2 2.7.3.py3.atlas
powheg-box-v2 r3043.lhcb.rdynamic   REMOVED
pythia8 240.lhcb4 244.lhcb4
thepeg 1.9.2p1 2.2.1