LCG Info: LCG_65a vs. LCG_67a on i686-slc6-gcc47-opt

Attention! The selected platform has been changed.

Since the specified platform x86_64-centos7-gcc8-opt (might be the default platform) doesn't exist for both releases, another platform has been selected: i686-slc6-gcc47-opt

Comparison mode:
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Platform Release Release


cgsigsoap 1.3.3-1   REMOVED
dcap 2.47.7-1   New
epel 20130408   New
gridftp_ifce 2.1.4-2   New
is_ifce 1.13.0-0   New
lcgutils 1.13.0-0   REMOVED
pygsi 0.5   New
srm_ifce 1.13.0-0   New
voms 2.0.8-1   New
vomsapic 1.9.17-1   REMOVED


COOL COOL_2_8_18a COOL_2_9_1
CORAL CORAL_2_3_27a CORAL_2_4_1
Frontier_Client 2.8.5p1 2.8.9
xrootd 3.2.7   New


lxml 2.3   New
xqilla 2.2.4 2.2.4p1


Boost 1.50.0 1.53.0_python2.7
cernlib 2006a   REMOVED
cmake 2.8.9   REMOVED
cmaketools 1.1   New
cmt v1r20p20090520   New
igprof 5.9.6   New
kcachegrind 0.4.6   REMOVED
pyanalysis 1.4_python2.7   New
pygraphics 1.4_python2.7   New
Python 2.7.3 2.7.4
QMtest 2.4.1 2.4.1_python2.7
readline 2.5.1p1   REMOVED
RELAX RELAX_1_3_0m RELAX_1_3_0p
ROOT 5.34.09 5.34.13
swig 1.3.40   New
vdt 0.3.6   New


dcache_client 2.47.5-0   REMOVED
genshi 0.6   New
pacparser 1.3.1   New
pytools 1.8_python2.7   New
sqlalchemy 0.7.7   New
uuid 1.42   REMOVED


lhapdf 5.9.1   New
lhapdfsets 5.9.1   New
pythia8 180   New

Machine Learning

neurobayes 3.7.0   New
neurobayes_expert 3.7.0   New